Apple posts yet another round of record results

Is anyone surprised? Once again, Apple's latest financial results announcement includes multiple uses of the word "record," not to mention growth numbers in the double and triple digits. Specifically, Apple says its fiscal third quarter ended June 25 saw revenue and net profits both break records, while shipments of iPads and iPhones increased by 183% and 142%, respectively, compared to the same quarter a year back.

Here are the raw financial data:

   Q3FY10 Q2FY11 Q3FY11
Revenue $15.70 billion $24.67 billion $28.57 billion
Net profit $3.25 billion $5.99 billion $7.31 billion
Gross margin 39.1% 41.4% 41.7%

And here are the shipment numbers in the company's press release:

   Q3FY10 Q2FY11 Q3FY11
iPhones 8.4 million 18.65 million 20.34 million
iPads 3.27 million 4.69 million 9.25 million
Macs 3.47 million 3.76 million 3.95 million
iPods 9.41 million 9.02 million 7.54 million

Clearly, what little competition manged to sneak into the tablet space has done little to curb the iPad's tremendous growth in popularity. At 9.25 million units for the past quarter, Apple's iPad shipments dwarf those of its closets competitor, the Eee Pad Transformer. According to DigiTimes, Asus is only shipping about 400,000 units a month.

While relatively less impressive, Mac shipments also seem to be outgrowing the competition. IDC estimates the global PC market grew only 2.6% between the second calendar quarters of 2010 and 2011, but Mac shipments surged 14% over a roughly comparable time period.

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