New Celerons line up for back-to-school season

Intel has a handful of new Celerons in the pipeline for September. Please, contain your excitement. The chip giant just added a Celeron M 787 model with one core, a 1.3GHz clock speed, a 17W TDP, and a $107 asking price. That low-voltage notebook chip is one of several new CPU models mentioned in a DigiTimes story detailing a wider range of budget chips primed for the back-to-school season.

On the mobile front, the Celeron M 787 will be joined by a single-core Celeron B710 and dually B840 and B800 models. The dual-core Celerons have clock speeds between 1.5 and 1.9GHz, while the B710 runs at 1.5GHz. All three have 35W thermal envelopes, which explains why they'll be cheaper than the lower-voltage 787.

Desktop users can look forward (as much as anyone really looks forward to a Celeron) to fresh dual-core models at 2.4 and 2.5GHz. Dubbed the Celeron G530 and G540, those models will be joined by a single-core G440 that runs at just 1.6GHz. This trio will sell for between $52 and $37, and it's destined to knock six older CPUs out of Intel's budget desktop spread.

AMD hasn't released pricing information on the low end of its Llano lineup, so it's hard to tell how they'll compare with the new Celerons—other than having vastly superior integrated graphics, of course. Intel looks like it's intent to make up for that shortcoming with bargain-basement prices, though.

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