Unofficial video shows Battlefield 3 multiplayer

There's a new Battlefield 3 multiplayer video out there, and this one isn't quite like the others. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports, someone playing the alpha saw fit to leak video footage of multiplayer gameplay onto YouTube. The seven-minute clip might not stick around very long, so enjoy it while you can:

If you don't like moving pictures, you'll also find a cornucopia of screenshots from the video over at BF3blog. Who knows? They might survive the scrutiny of EA a little bit longer.

The footage shows that Paris Metro map everyone's been talking about. There's a gorgeous outdoor park, cramped subway tunnels, and some city streets where, apparently, you're free to blow chunks out of buildings with a rocket launcher. Combat looks surprisingly fun—I like the part where you don't die instantly from being grazed by a bullet—and the graphics are definitely something to behold.

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