1. Real World Tech's March industry update (thanks rand)
  2. Taiwan enjoins VIA and Asus from making investments in China? (thanks AMDZone)
  3. Microsoft HailStorm furor (thanks rand)
  4. Cyber fraud victimizes celebrities (thanks Veritas)
  5. Sharky Extreme on mobile Pentium III 1GHz (by Joshua Krane)
  6. CPU Review releases MemTach v0.8 Alpha
  7. Icrontic's ICQ tweak guide
  8. LinuxLookup's TOTW: converting data with dd
  9. Rojak Pot's Windows 2000 hints & tips rev. 3.1
  10. hardCOREware's upgrade guide
  11. Pro Cooling's gives away free cooling stuff
  12. Overclocker Cafe gives away GlobalWin WBK38
  13. Website du jour: BobTheMonkey's Ghetto World

  1. VR-Zone's AXIA Thunderbird 1.2GHz review and top ten PC peeves
  2. TweakTown has EPoX EP-4T2A i850 PDF
  3. VIAhardware's exclusive look at VIA KT266
  4. Ace's Hardware's Pentium III motherboard roundup
  5. OCworkbench reviews Asus A7A266 ALi MAGiK 1
  6. AnandTech on overclocking the VIA KT133A motherboards
  7. TweakMax reviews ECS P6IPA i815EP

  1. GamePC reviews Matrox G450 eTV
  2. Neoseeker reviews Samsung ML-6060S laser printer
  3. Tech Extreme reviews Logitech iFeel Mouse Man Optical
  4. The Tech Zone reviews SMC 2620W wireless networking kit
  5. Hexus reviews Elsa Microlink PCMCIA modem
  6. G3D reviews BeCooling Aqua Stealth II water cooling kit
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