Triple-core Llano might be a no-show

Although the rumor mill has presented some evidence that a triple-core A6-3500 accelerated processing unit is in the works, the folks at Fudzilla now say that isn't so. Somewhat surprisingly, they claim AMD simply has no intention of releasing such a product.

The site quotes "sources close to AMD" as saying there is "no plan for triple-core SKUs and there never was." It goes on to say, "We guess that there had to be some talks about it as our sources usually forward info that they hear directly from AMD." In other words, perhaps AMD quietly discussed the possibility of releasing a triple-core Llano APU, but that may be as far as the company went in that direction.

This all leaves us wondering about that A6-3500 chip that was purportedly caught in the wild earlier this month. The lack of an "engineering sample" label on the heatspreader suggested some measure of genuineness, although we might have been looking at a total hoax. Or, maybe the A6-3500 exists in some other form—like a slower quad-core offering.

In any case, I suppose AMD's current pricing scheme doesn't leave a ton of room for dual- and triple-core Llano APUs to supplement current quad-core parts. That kind of thing hasn't stopped AMD in the past, though.

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