Intel promises firmware fix for 8MB SSD bug

After acknowledging the issue earlier this month, Intel has now promised a firmware fix for the 320 Series SSD bug that apparently causes some drives to wipe themselves after a power loss. Here's what the company posted on the Intel Support Community site yesterday afternoon:

Intel has reproduced ‘Bad Context 13x Error’ utilizing strenuous testing methods. This ‘Bad Context 13x Error’ can be addressed via a firmware update and Intel is in the process of validating the firmware update. A future update will define the schedule to deliver the firmware fix.

The Intel SSD 320 Series continues to be shipped and is available for purchase. If you experience this error with your Intel SSD, please contact your Intel representative or Intel customer support (via web: or phone: .

For those with Intel SSD 320 series SSDs who are concerned but currently unaffected, Intel advises the following actions:

  • As with any storage device, backup your data regularly
  • When shutting down your system, follow your system’s standard shutdown process
  • Minimize unplugging the SSD while your system is powered

Intel takes these issues seriously. Please watch for further updates on this site.

The chipmaker downplays the problem somewhat, saying it occurs only in "certain circumstances" and affects a "small percentage of SSDs." Still, Intel has confirmed what users have been alleging: that their drives report an 8MB capacity after the bug rears its head. For now, affected users have no recourse but to get in touch with Intel or to attempt getting drives back in working order themselves.

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