PaceBlade redefine the mobile PC

For immediate release:
PaceBlade Technology, will today redefine the world's perception of a truly mobile PC. The innovative PaceBook is the only Notebook PC in the world that also can be used as a Tablet or Panel PC. The revolutionary concepts and designs incorporated into the PaceBook make it the next generation mobile computing device, and puts it light years ahead of the competition.

The PaceBook uses Transmeta's TM5600 series Crusoe microprocessor in conjunction with Silicon Motion's Lynx family of graphics chipsets. This dynamic combination allows the lowest power consumption possible extending battery life to 6 hours or more of regular use on a single charge. Truly mobile PCs can not spend their time tethered to a power outlet, so 6+ hours battery life makes the PaceBook capable of a full day's work in or out of the office. Furthermore, the SMI graphics controller features hardware rotation, thus allowing the PaceBook to be used in landscape mode for web browsing and email or in portrait mode for document editing or desktop publishing.

The PaceBook comes with a Transmeta Crusoe 600MHz processor, 4MB SMI Lynx graphics controller, 128MB SDRAM, 20GB HDD, 12.1" XGA TFT-LCD display with Windows ME or Windows 2000 OS. Optional accessories include CD-RW/DVD-ROM, wireless infrared remote control and CCD camera.

PaceBlade Technology's website is here.
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