Report: 2GB DDR3 modules inching toward $10

Memory prices are on a clear downward trend, and some memory makers seem happy to accelerate that. According to industry sources quoted by DigiTimes, Kingston has "struck deals to sell its 2GB DDR3 modules as low as US$11" because of "sluggish end-market demand."

Not only that, the site adds that rival memory vendors have responded to Kingston's move with similar price cuts, dragging the price of 2GB DDR3 memory modules near the $10 mark. (Kingston, for the record, denies having started that particular pricing feud.) DigiTimes adds that the lower prices should boost shipments, though demand will remain weak overall and prices will continue their decline in August.

Right now, Kingston's 4GB DDR3-1333 dual-channel kits sell for $29.99 a piece at Newegg, and I see a Team Elite kit with similar specs on sale for $25.99. That's quite a plunge even from a month ago. When we published our last system guide, the cheapest 4GB kits cost around $40.

Based on an iSuppli report from last week, memory will keep getting cheaper through 2012. The decline will slow as we head toward the New Year, but the research firm suggested that memory prices won't bottom out (or start rising again) anytime soon.

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