Dragon Age II—another EA game—vanishes from Steam

How peculiar! Another game published by EA has mysteriously disappeared from Steam. This time, as Eurogamer reports, BioWare's Dragon Age II is nowhere to be found on the game distribution service. A quick peek at Google's cache shows the game's Steam page was still up as of July 24, so the withdrawal seems to be recent.

What happened? While Eurogamer says nobody has gone on record to explain the move yet, the site draws a connection with the release of the game's Legacy add-on. As we noted earlier this month, EA blames Valve's policy concerning downloadable content for the disappearance of another EA title, Crysis 2, from Steam.

Of course, EA Games President Frank Gibeau has also told the press that his company intends to use "exclusive content" to draw more people to Origin, its own distribution service. I don't recall any of these distribution issues cropping up before EA re-launched its digital distribution service under the Origin brand on June 3. Peculiar indeed...

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