MacOS X: No power to burn has a nice report about the final release version of MacOS X, which will hit stores on Saturday. It's been rumored for a while that Apple wasn't going to include support for DVD playback or recording, but it now appears the thing won't even record CD-Rs or RWs. I understand the pressures of wanting to hit a self-imposed release date, but these omissions cut out the heart of Apple's current advertising campaign, which features the now 100% false slogan: "At speeds of up to 733MHz, the most powerful Mac in history burns CDs, burns DVDs, and burns Pentiums."

I may have to burn a CD in my Pentium 90 while I take in the moment.

The story goes on to offer a fair-minded synopsis of OS X's many advantages over MacOS 9, and I was amused to see this frank assessment:

Its biggest advantage may be standard features found on other mature operating systems such as Unix and Windows 2000: the ability to easily run multiple programs at the same time, improved use of memory, and greater crash resistance, among other items.
Ya don't say?!

Damage's roadmap for Apple: get optical media support right, then polish off that x86 OS X port and confiscate the weed from Marketing. It's still not too late.

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