Release roundup: Tablets and solid-state storage

This week in our look at miscellaneous product announcements and releases, we've got a cheap tablet from Acer and some new storage goodies from both SanDisk and Silicon Power:

  • Acer's Iconia Tab A100 goes up for pre-order. While this isn't an announcement per se, it's noteworthy nonetheless. Liliputing reports that this diminutive 7" tablet has gone up for pre-order at ExcaliberPC and a couple of other e-tailers. The device costs just $329 before shipping, and it features Android 3.0 software, a Tegra 2 processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 8GB of storage capacity, a couple of cameras, and a two-cell lithium-polymer battery. The device's 0.9-pound weight and 0.5" thickness ought to make it comfortable to tinker with on the couch, too.

  • SanDisk Ultra solid state drive (SSD) ships to retailers. This new line of SanDisk drives doesn't break any speed records—the company quotes top read and write speeds of 280MB/s and 270MB/s, respectively—but attractive pricing and longevity seem to be on the menu. SanDisk touts a 1,000,000-hour mean time between failures and covers the drives with a three-year warranty. The official announcement lists prices of $120 for the 60GB model, $220 for 120GB, and $450 for 240GB. However, Newegg already carries the 120GB variant for just $179.99 with free shipping.

  • SP/Silicon Power launches its all-new SATA III SSD. Silicon Power is taking a different approach with its Velox Series V30 solid-state drives, which are rated for top speeds of 550MB/s when reading and 500MB/s while writing—provided you hook 'em up to a 6Gbps Serial ATA controller, of course. The company is serving up 60GB, 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB variants, which are all covered under a three-year warranty. Silicon Power doesn't seem to have announced pricing just yet, though.

180 bucks for a 120GB solid-state drive seems like a pretty sweet deal. In fact, I'm only seeing one other 120GB SSD selling for that price at Newegg (a first-gen OCZ Vertex drive with lower rated speeds). Other alternatives are priced higher. An Intel 320 Series SSD of the same capacity, for instance, will set you back $239.99.

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