ThinkPad Tablet due August 23, Iconia Tab A500 cut to $395

Things are happening in the tablet world. First, as Engadget reports, Lenovo has updated its ThinkPad Tablet teaser page with news that the device is "Coming August 23." Incidentally, while the rumor mill pointed to a $499 starting price, Lenovo quotes a $479.99 figure—not the most dramatic difference in the world, but the firm will nevertheless be undercutting the iPad 2.

Speaking of tablet pricing, DigiTimes points out that Acer's upcoming Iconia Tab A500 tablet has gotten a price cut from $449.99 to $395. Reportedly, Acer is shooting for total tablet shipments in the 2.5-3 million range this year, and it hopes the price cut will help it meet that goal.

A quick visit to Amazon shows the Iconia Tab A500 is currently selling for a cool $391.72 with free shipping. That's not half bad for a device with a 10.1" display, Android software, a Tegra 2 processor, a gig of RAM, and 16GB of storage capacity. The device is admittedly a bit plumper and heavier than the iPad 2 (Amazon quotes a thickness of 0.5" and a weight of 1.69 lbs), but it's also a hundred bucks cheaper. Of course, Asus' $399.99 Eee Pad Transformer pulls off a lower weight (1.49 lbs) in a similarly proportioned chassis as the Iconia Tab A500.

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