Survey alleges IE users have lower IQs

Is there a correlation between choice of web browsers and intelligence? Yes, says AptiQuant, a self-described "Psychometric Consulting company" based here in Vancouver. The firm collected online IQ test results from 100,000 users across the States, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and it correlated the test results with web browsers used.

According to the results (PDF), all IE users had sub-100 (below-average) scores in the online IQ test, with IE6 users scoring lowest with just over 80 points. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari users all scored in the neighborhood of 110, though AptiQuant says the differences weren't statistically significant. At the high end of the spectrum, users of Camino, Opera, and IE with the Chrome frame (no, really) all averaged scores above 120. Opera users were apparently the smartest of the bunch.

Now, some issues with the company's methodology come to mind. First of all, online IQ tests are more curiosities than accurate measures of a person's intelligence, since they can't really be administered under controlled conditions or vetted for accuracy. Also, while the study talks of web browser choice, I'm sure there are some Mensa members out there forced to use IE at work—and less intellectually gifted folks whose PCs were set up for them with Chrome or Firefox.

At the very least, though, these data have a similar appeal to online IQ test results. They're entertaining and make for some good bragging material. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some IE users to belittle...

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