Industry updated

Dent Kent is back with another industry update, looking at the state of the PC hardware world. The big news this time is that things seem to be looking up for many manufacturers, so the slump may be ending. Dean also covers the DDR vs. Rambus wars, and casts a skeptical eye at Intel's prospects in the coming months. Suprisingly, he sees AMD's slow movement on releasing new chips, including the Palomino Athlon update, as a positive sign:
AMD insists that there are no design or manufacturing issues . . .[so] there seems to only be one possible explanation left . . . AMD is controlling the pace of new introductions, and it is in their best interests to keep the pace much slower than it has been the past several years.
Seems a bit more optimistic than most, but then it's one of the more sensible explanations I've heard for the current situation. Thanks to rand for sending word of the update. (Yes, this was posted in the 'bread, too...)
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