Mass Zambezi shipments may not start until October

Saving up for one of AMD's upcoming Zambezi FX-series processors? Be prepared to wait a bit longer. A DigiTimes story published this morning claims that, although AMD will release its FX-series processors in September, "mass shipments" won't kick off until the following month. At least, that's what "sources from motherboard players" reckon.

DigiTimes also notes that FX-series mass production is scheduled to begin this month, so a limited number of chips might be available in time for the September debut. We all know what limited availability and high demand tend to do to prices, though... and being cost-competitive versus Sandy Bridge could be crucial for AMD's upcoming high-end CPU lineup.

The DigiTimes story goes on to mention a handful of processor models names and power envelopes, all of which ought to be familiar if you've followed the Zambezi rumor rollercoaster this month. In short, it looks like we can expect the FX-series launch lineup to include a pair of eight-core offerings, one six-core derivative, and a quad-core model. With the exception of the 125W flagship, 95W thermal envelopes will be the norm. AMD is expected to follow up with several higher-clocked offerings in the first quarter of next year.

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