Rumor says AMD has stopped Phenom II X2, X4 production

Perhaps the biggest reason to avoid AMD's new A8-3850 APU is the company's old Phenom II X4 840, which has a slightly faster CPU component and costs a whopping $35 less than the fastest Fusion desktop offering. The A8 has a built-in Radeon, of course, but $35 will get you part of the way to a faster discrete graphics card. If you've been contemplating an X4 840, you might want to pick one up while the CPU is still available. TechEye has the latest from the rumor mill, which says that production of dual- and quad-core Phenoms has already ceased.

AMD hasn't announced the demise of the Phenom X2 and X4 families, but it's surely keen on replacing them with Radeon-infused Fusion APUs. That's all well and good for big-name PC makers, who would seem to prefer building systems with integrated graphics. However, dropping the old Phenoms doesn't help budget-minded gamers, an audience that has usually been able to find good bargains within AMD's lineup.

The Phenom II X4 has ruled our System Guide's Econobox build for more than a year and a half, so we'll shed a tear if the CPU is actually on the way out. Even if the rumor proves untrue, I can't imagine AMD will be producing Fusion-less Phenoms for much longer.

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