Kingston unleashes HyperX solid-state drives

For many years, Kingston has stamped the HyperX name on high-end enthusiast memory. Now, the company has announced a line of solid-state drives bearing the same brand nameā€”and, you guessed it, offer high performance at premium prices.

The HyperX SSD family marries SandForce's SF-2281 controller with 25-nm NAND flash memory from Intel. Kingston quotes top sequential read and write speeds of 555MB/s and 510MB/s, as well as top 4KB random read and write IO/s of 95,000 and 70,000, respectively. Of course, you'll need to hook up the drives to 6Gbps Serial ATA interfaces to enjoy transfer speeds above 300MB/s... but you're not going to stick a premium SSD in a last-gen PC, now, are you?

Kingston is offering 120GB and 240GB HyperX SSD variants either as stand-alone offerings or as part of a "bundle kit," which includes imaging software from Acronis, a 3.5" mounting plate, an external adapter, a Serial ATA cable, and a screwdriver. List prices are $269.99 for the bare 120GB drive and $519.99 for the bare 240GB offering, while the bundles will set you back $284.99 and $539.99.

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