Second-gen Eee Pad Transformer could arrive in October

With the tablet market growing at such a breakneck pace, the last thing Asus wants to do is stand still. I'm not surprised, then, to see a DigiTimes story forecast the arrival of a second-generation Eee Pad Transformer in a matter of months.

To be precise, the story says Asus is "having its supply chain well prepared" in anticipation of an October release. Asus reportedly shipped 400,000 current-generation Transformers last quarter and intends to ship out more than a million units in the third quarter. There's no word on Asus' targets for Q4, after the second-gen device starts rolling off the assembly line, but you can probably count on an even more ambitious figure—especially with the Transformer Mk. 2 set to intercept the holiday shopping rush.

DigiTimes' story offers no tips or speculation about what kind of hardware the second Transformer will feature. However, whispers from earlier this year suggested Asus could unleash a tablet based on Nvidia's Kal-El chip as early as September. The two reports could be talking about the same device. Nvidia's Kal-El, which may hit the market under the Tegra 3 name, has four ARM cores and a GeForce-based graphics component capable of displaying high-definition video across a 2560x1600 display. If the second-gen Transformer indeed adopts this chip, it could give the iPad 2 a run for its money on the performance front.

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