Brookdale roadmap

EBNews gives us directions:
What's this? Intel is telling us its Brookdale chipset supporting PC133 SDRAM will account for one-third of all Pentium 4 chipset sales this year?

Pete MacWilliams, Intel Fellow and the company's memory road-map specialist, twice made the projection at the recent Intel Developer Forum. Brookdale doesn't even come on the market until the third quarter of 2001. Now, I never was very good at math, but even I know that means there will have to be a huge burst of Brookdale sales at the end of the year in order to reach a full year's 33% quotient.

A new 0.13-micron Northwood Pentium 4 is scheduled to arrive in the fourth quarter at nearly half the size of Willamette and presumably at a far lower cost. But linking 1Gbyte/s PC133 SDRAM with the 3.2Gbyte/s Pentium 4, whether the Willamette or the Northwood, is like fueling a supersonic jet with 87-octane unleaded regular. Intel asserts that a big low-end PC market exists that doesn't need more memory bandwidth than provided by PC133. True enough, but this market is already served massively by Advanced Micro Devices' Duron, Intel's own Celeron and Pentium III, Transmeta's Crusoe, and Via's Cyrix. You need a quad-pumped 400MHz Pentium 4 for this market?

There is also speculation that Intel will have a Pentium 4/DDR chipset by Q4. Read more here.
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