Nvidia: Kepler to ship by the end of the year

The other day, AMD revealed plans to bring its next-generation, 28-nm graphics processors to the market this year. What of Nvidia's upcoming Kepler GPU? According to X-bit labs, that product might not be too far behind. Nvidia has gone on record to say that Kepler will ship before the year is through:

"Between the Fermi generation and Kepler, which we should start shipping by the end of the year, there is about 3x improvement in [double precision] performance per watt. [...] We are about to introduce [our next-generation GPUs]," said Chris Malachowsky, senior vice president of research and co-founder of Nvidia, at the company's GTC Workshop Japan event.

Now, there's a difference between shipping and having a product out in the market. The latter often follows the former by weeks, if not longer. (Just look at Llano, which started shipping in late March but didn't come out until late June.) So those rumors we've been hearing about Kepler not hitting stores before early 2012 could still be true.

As for the "we are about to introduce [our next-generation GPUs]" bit, that seems to tease an earlier launch. Perhaps we'll see Kepler unveiled in the nearer future, some time ahead of general availability.

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