TR meetup tonight at The Peanut in Lee's Summit

Since the time is almost here, we'll do one more post about tonight's TR meetup in the Kansas City metro area. We'll be at The Peanut in Lee's Summit from 5-7PM this evening, grabbing a drink and perhaps some dinner. Any and all TR readers who can make it are welcome.

The list of attendees from the TR staff includes me, David Morgan, our biz guy Adam ("Inkling" in the forums), and TR co-founder Andy "Dr. Evil" Brown. I'll be wearing a blue TR shirt, and we'll try to outfit at least some of the other guys in TR garb, as well, so we'll be easy to spot. You can also contact me on the spot via Twitter; I'm @scottwasson.

Please, come out and join us!

Also, remember, we have another, bigger event this weekend, TR BBQ VIII, up in Holland, Michigan. Adam and I will be there, as well—our first time at this community-driven event. The forecast high for the area on Saturday: a balmy 86°F. If you're from anywhere south of there, you owe it to yourself to make the drive up after the summer we've been having.

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