Intel made big gains in the graphics market, says JPR

The number crunchers over at Jon Peddie Research have compiled some fresh graphics market share data, this time pertaining to the second calendar quarter. According to them, Intel has enjoyed quite a bit of growth at the expense of its rivals—no doubt thanks to the presence of graphics cores in its Sandy Bridge and Atom processors. (JPR factors CPU-GPU hybrids and integrated graphics chipsets into its calculations.)

Vendor Q2 2010 Q1 2011 Q2 2011
Intel 52.9% 54.7% 60.7%
Nvidia 21.4% 19.9% 17.5%
AMD 24.7% 24.7% 21.2%

Between the first and second quarters, Intel purportedly enjoyed a 19.6% surge in shipments of graphics-enabled products, while AMD and Nvidia saw respective declines of 7.3% and 5.3%. Interestingly, JPR also says that Nvidia's slice of the discrete graphics market got 30% larger in the second quarter, reportedly because of design wins in many Sandy Bridge notebooks.

The research firm also sprinkles in a bit of news about the overall graphics market, saying shipments were up 6.3% sequentially amid slower 2.4% growth in the PC market at large last quarter. JPR notes that the higher-than-expected graphics growth raises "concerns about an inventory buildup" in the latter part of the year. Oversupply is no fun for hardware makers, but as a consumer, I can't help but look forward to potential price cuts as a result.

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