Carmack keynote discusses Rage development challenges

QuakeCon is on right now, and yesterday, id programming guru John Carmack took the stage for his annual keynote. VG24/7 has posted a good summary of what was discussed, including the challenges associated with developing Rage. There were several issues getting all of the game's unique textures playing nicely with consoles, for example, and the artists were "crushed" when id had to resort to more aggressive compression. Carmack also conceded that Rage's textures don't look as good as they could up close, and that PC users may get a high-quality texture pack to pretty things up. Fingers crossed.

Somewhat surprisingly, it seems that id even had trouble getting Rage running on the PC at 60 frames per second. Carmack said today's PCs have 10 times the grunt of current consoles, so that doesn't seem to have been the problem. Don't fret, though. Doom 4 is reportedly running at 60 FPS already, and Carmack is considering adding the fruits of new research-engine projects to the PC version of Rage.

Rather than teasing more about id's next Doom title, Carmack preferred to talk Rage, which could get a sequel if the game proves successful. Hopefully, it won't take so long to produce. Carmack conceded that the complexity of Rage lengthened the development process substantially.

To further whet your appetite for its next release, id has released yet another Rage trailer. I think we're up to about a dozen of these things now, and I hope they haven't revealed too much of the game. The trailer is embedded above if you want to check out the few snippets of new footage it contains.

Other tidbits from the keynote: "future" id games will have dedicated server support, but it looks like Rage will not. Also, while Mac and Linux versions of the game aren't a priority at the moment, Carmack would like to offer both.

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