AMD-branded RAM starts popping up in stores

No, this is no joke—unless we're the victims of an extraordinarily elaborate prank. It appears that AMD has quietly started selling DDR3 system memory under its Radeon brand. The guys over at PC Watch in Japan found some of the RAM in the wild, and they dug up a page on AMD's website that confirms the product's existence.

AMD says Radeon DDR3 memory is "ideally suited" to the company's processors and "tested to the highest industry standards on AMD platforms to guarantee reliability and performance." Right now, the product line includes 2GB Entertainment modules (rated for operation at 1333MHz with 9-9-9 timings) and 2GB Ultrapro Gaming modules (which can hit 1600MHz at 11-11-11). The company is also cooking up Enterprise modules with as-of-yet-undisclosed clocks and timings. All three modules are apparently designed to operate at their rated speeds with a 1.5V voltage setting—the JEDEC-specified standard for DDR3. Judging by the pictures at PC Watch, the memory chips are etched with AMD's logo—clearly, this isn't a case of a big memory vendor like Kingston or OCZ slapping a Radeon badge on some of its modules.

Japan isn't the only country where these modules have materialized, by the way. A Google search reveals that a couple of Canadian e-tailers, NCIX and DirectCanada, are also carrying 1333MHz "Entertainment" Radeon modules. The DIMMs are sold individually, not as part of a kit, and cost $9.99 at pop at NCIX.

This discovery leaves me scratching my head. I'd understand if AMD were offering DDR3-1866 modules specially tuned for its Llano APUs, or even just top-of-the-line enthusiast RAM in preparation for its upcoming Bulldozer chips. However, 2GB DDR3-1333 DIMMs are a dime a dozen these days, and prices are heading further down. We'll have to get to the bottom of this... (Thanks to Fudzilla for the link.)

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