More monitor makers using IPS tech in desktop LCDs

IPS panels have become increasingly common in tablets, and it looks like their popularity might rub off on desktop displays. DigiTimes is reporting that Mitsubishi, AOC, and Viewsonic are all dipping into IPS technology for desktop monitors. They're not just doing so with big screens, either. All three have come out with 23-inchers based on IPS technology.

According to the story, IPS panels in the 19-22" range cost about $35 more than their TN equivalents. That gap grows as the screen size increases, although other factors can come into play. IPS panels are typically reserved for higher-end screens, so they're often paired with extra goodies like additional video inputs, integrated USB hubs, and more adjustment options than budget LCDs.

The DigiTimes piece focuses on wider viewing angles as the key selling point for IPS displays. Improved color reproduction is usually another key benefit, but that's because IPS displays have typically offered eight bits per color channel, while TN technology uses six bits. IPS isn't synonymous with 8-bit color anymore, though. Some cheaper panels use six bits per color channel in conjuction with Advanced Frame Rate Control (A-FRC), much like TN displays. Reviews of these so-called "6-bit + A-FRC" monitors look pretty positive, but I've not yet gazed upon one myself. If you see a good deal on an IPS monitor (particularly if it's described as e-IPS), you might want to do some digging into the datasheet to figure out its true nature.

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