All Gigabyte 6-series mobos to support Ivy Bridge, PCIe 3.0

I guess we've got our answer to that listener question from the latest podcast. Gigabyte announced earlier today that its entire line of 6-series motherboards will support Intel's upcoming 22-nm Ivy Bridge processors as well as PCI Express 3.0 expansion. Users will need only apply a BIOS update.

Wanting to provide maximum upgradeability to customers, GIGABYTE has enabled native support for PCI Express Gen. 3 across the entire range of GIGABYTE 6 series motherboards, including the recently launched G1.Sniper 2 motherboard, when paired with Intel's next generation 22nm CPUs. By installing the latest BIOS for their 6 series motherboards today, users can be assured they are ready to take advantage of all the performance enhancements tomorrow's technologies have to offer.

From what I can see, Ivy Bridge-ready BIOSes are already available for at least some of Gigabyte's boards. You can see the full list of compatible mobos and the BIOS version required for Ivy Bridge support here. Gigabyte encourages users to get updates installed via its @BIOS utility.

For once, it's nice to see a generation of mainstream Intel CPUs that doesn't require a new socket. Intel shifted from LGA775 to LGA1156 with its Lynnfield and Clarkdale chips, and we saw another transition from LGA1156 to LGA1155 earlier this year when Sandy Bridge rolled out. Let's hope other motherboard makers follow in Gigabyte's footsteps so more folks can hang on to their current mobos.

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