Chromium OS tablet UI demoed on video

With Android invading an ever-growing number of tablets and phones, and netbooks falling out of favor with trendy first-worlders, I've always assumed that Google would quietly smother Chrome OS with a pillow and dump its cold remains behind a dumpster somewhere. Apparently, though, the folks developing Chromium OS (Chrome OS's open-source sibling) have other plans. Engadget dug up a video of an experimental version of Chromium OS specially tuned for tablet touch screens and big, meaty fingers:

The interface includes large buttons, a pop-out, Android-style keyboard with a speech input button, big icons above tabs (for easier clicking), and king-sized menus.

Obviously, this little feat of engineering is right on Android 3.x's turf, which raises some interesting questions about the future of the two operating systems. As Engadget points out, it's still too early to tell whether we'll see the same functionality in future official releases of Chrome OS.

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