Trackmania 2 gameplay, editor footage leaked

PC gamers might not be able to get a taste of iconic driving games like Forza Motorsports and Gran Turismo, but we do have the Trackmania series. The latest iteration, Trackmania 2 Canyon is due out next month. We've already seen a trailer for the game, and now there's a couple of minutes of gameplay footage up on YouTube. Check it out:

Of course, the big draw for the Trackmania series is building your own tracks. That's in the new game, too, and a second video has emerged showing the track editor in action. This one's a little longer, clocking in at eight minutes, but it manages to illustrate the complete track-building process. Fans of the original games may find the editor footage even more compelling than the gameplay video.

Trackmania developer Nadeo hasn't announced how much Trackmania 2 will set you back when the downloadable title hits in September. The game is expected to cost 20 Euros on the other side of the pond, so you can probably expect to pay less than $30 stateside.

To further whet your appetite, Trackmania 2 will support multiplayer races with up to 200 cars on the same track. Users will be free to create their own tracks and cars, and I'd expect the game to have strong community support. Let's hope the game pops up on Steam like its predecessor, Trackmania Forever, which happens to be free.

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