Havok buys itself a 3D game engine

For the PC gamers among us, Havok should need no introduction. The company's physics API has been used in countless titles, and the firm itself was snatched up by Intel in September 2007. Well, Havok has now made an acquisition of its own: that of 3D game engine developer Trinigy.

The plan is for Trinigy's Vision Engine to complement Havok's bag of tricks, which currently includes physics, artificial intelligence, and animation toolkits. Once the acquisition is completed, Havok says it will have a "full line of production tools including rendering capabilities," which will allow "teams of all sizes to deliver compelling content and experiences across multiple devices and operating systems."

Trinigy's Vision Engine has already powered a decent number of games, although I'm not familiar with any of them except for Arcania: A Gothic Tale, which came out last year and doesn't look half bad.

Havok says its acquisition of Trinigy should be done by the middle of the month, at which point the two companies' development teams will merge, and the Vision Engine will start to bear Havok's brand name. Considering Havok is a subsidiary of Intel, I wonder if this is in any way tied to the chipmaker's currently shelved discrete GPU plans. Perhaps not—but who knows?

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