Third Metro: Last Light trailer shows on-rails combat

We already saw the first two videos of the Metro 2033 sequel, Metro: Last Light. The folks at 4A Games have now put up a third trailer, which shows some combat on train carts in one of the game's trademark subway tunnels:

The lighting effects, combat, and music all fit together rather nicely, and I really like how the game uses dynamic cloth effects to give a sense of speed as the larger train car zooms through the tunnels. I hope those effects aren't PhysX-only, though, considering the original Metro 2033 bore Nvidia's The Way It's Meant To Be Played badge.

Today's trailer reveals one more tidbit of information: a 12-minute gameplay video will be released on August 23. The full game still isn't due out until next year, but at least we should get a better feel for the game that way than with these two-minute teasers.

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