Intel Capital sinks $300 million into ultrabooks

Clearly, Intel is committed to getting that whole ultrabook concept off the ground. The chipmaker announced last night that its venture capital arm, Intel Capital, has put together a $300 million fund specifically to push the new laptop category. Here's how Intel says it plans to spend the money:

The Intel Capital Ultrabook Fund aims to invest in companies building hardware and software technologies focused on enhancing how people interact with Ultrabooks such as through sensors and touch, achieving all day usage through longer battery life, enabling innovative physical designs and improved storage capacity. The overall goal of the fund, which will be invested over the next 3-4 years, is to create a cycle of innovation and system capabilities for this new and growing category of mobile devices.

The chipmaker goes on to note that it's been working "very closely" with its customers to make sure ultrabooks "deliver compelling and unique value to consumers." The first systems are due out in time for the holiday shopping rush.

It's not everyday you see Intel put its weight behind a new category of machines, but that's what's happening hereā€”from the original announcement at Computex to today's news. The rumor mill has generated some buzz of its own, too, suggesting that ultrabooks could undercut Apple's MacBook Air by a decent margin. This could get big, folks.

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