New Rage trailer explores the game's sound and art

Sick of Rage trailers yet? The game's early October release date is fast approaching, so the deluge of previews should be over soon. In the meantime, take in the latest behind-the-scenes video detailing the game's sound and art content.

The video explains how John Goodman came to provide the voice of Dan Hagar, the first character you meet in the game. Audio lead Christian Antkow plays up the importance of the game's sounds and conceded that weapon effects are the hardest thing to do because you hear them constantly. Rage's shotgun sounds appropriately violent in the video, though.

A couple of id artists are also interviewed, and they both spend a little time describing the overall direction behind Rage's post-apocalyptic landscape. The artists laud the engine's ability to handle unique textures throughout, and Carmack himself expresses surprise at the quality of imagery that the team was able to produce. That's high praise from the man behind the technology.

The Rage hype train has been running at full steam for a while now, and I wonder whether this is it until the game's official launch on October 4. Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.

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