Deal of the week: SSDs, PSUs, and an LCD with a VA panel

We have an interesting mix of deals for you this week, starting with something you might expect: an SSD. 120GB versions of Intel's 320 Series solid-state drive can be had for just $205 at Newegg right now—a $30 discount. There are no rebates involved, and shipping is free. However, you should be aware that Intel has yet to resolve a firmware bug that causes some 320 Series SSDs to lose all but 8MB of their capacity after an unexpected power loss. A fix is in the works, but it's not ready yet, so be sure to keep your backups up to date.

If the 320 Series doesn't strike your fancy, perhaps you'll find OCZ's Agility 3 120GB more attractive. This puppy should be quite a bit faster, and it costs only $5 more than the 320 Series. There's also a mail-in rebate that knocks the Agility's price down to $190.

Our final Newegg deal requires a little more effort. Corsair's TX750 V2 power supply is $35 off the usual asking price of $145. Enter promo code COPSUA before August 14, and you can knock another $10 off the price. There's also a $15 mail-in rebate that drops the PSU's price down to a cool $85.

The best deal of the week is reserved for Canadians, who can pick up Benq's BL2400PU LCD monitor at NCIX for half the $400 asking price. This 24-incher has a VA panel with a 1080p resolution, so you can turn your nose up to the TN crowd. The height-adjustable stand swivels and rotates, and there's even an DisplayPort input. I'm tempted to pick up a couple for myself.

In addition to that sweet monitor deal, NCIX has a couple of other intriguing bargains in its Back to School sale. Corsair's HX520W PSU can be nabbed for only $70 after a hefty discount, and the Agility 3 SSD is just $160 after a $30 mail-in rebate. The Agility is also available through NCIX's US outlet, but the other deals are not.

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