Rumor mill pegs Sandy Bridge E power draw at 180W

Perhaps this explains why we been hearing whispers about delays to Intel's "Sandy Bridge E" processors. VR-Zone is reporting that Gulftown's successor is a rather power-hungry beast. Although the chip is supposed to have the same 130W TDP rating as its predecessor, the actual power consumption is purportedly closer to 180W. The chip's power requirements are apparently so demanding that Intel is instructing PSU makers to ensure that their units can supply at least 23A on the secondary 12V rail devoted to the CPU.

The article detailing those power requirements also suggests Intel will be shipping Sandy Bridge E CPUs sans heatsink. Gulftown chips are sold in retail boxes that include Intel coolers, so it's unclear whether the new CPUs will only be sold as bare chips or if they'll simply be squeezed into much smaller retail packaging. Intel is said to be producing its own cooler for the processors, though; it just won't be shipped in the same box.

These rumors have yet to be confirmed, of course, but everything we're hearing points to something pushing Sandy Bridge E past its original due date. All the mobo makers we talked to at Computex just a couple of months ago expected to have X79 motherboards primed for the new processors in the August/September time frame. Those same folks are being rather tight-lipped about the launch schedule now, however.

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