AnandTech's GeForce 3 benchmarks

This is what you have been waiting for. AnandTech has published a GeForce 3 review complete with benchmarks.
Almost a full month has passed since NVIDIA made their announcement of the GeForce3, their Infinite Effects GPU. Although benchmarks have cropped up here and there, for the most part there were no complete reviews of the retail GeForce3 product that will be soon finding its way into stores. The question of why has come up more than a few times around messageboards and discussion groups from all over the web including the AnandTech Forums. Before we dive into the benchmark comparison we thought we would shine some light on exactly why, for the first time since NVIDIA started tending to the online community, that benchmarks haven't been released for so long.
They test on an Athlon. Benchmarks include Quake III, MDK2, Unreal Tournament, Serious Sam, and AquaMark (Aquanox). Get an eyeful here.

Update: GamePC has more benchmarks on a Pentium 4: 3DMark2000/2001, Content Creation 2001, SPEC ViewPerf, and Quake III.

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