EA offers free game with Origin pre-orders for Battlefield 3

EA is intent on luring gamers to its new Origin distribution service. Exclusives are one way to draw folks in, but that's not going to win EA many friends. What about freebies?

Ars Technica has learned that EA is offering a free game to people who pre-order Battlefield 3 on Origin. The choices are pretty decent ones, too: Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, and Medal of Honor. Naturally, the freebies are tied to the Origin service, which sells them separately for around $20 each.

There's an air of desperation surrounding EA's efforts to coax gamers to use Origin, but I suppose a free game offer beats strong-arm tactics. EA certainly isn't above forcing the issue on other fronts—Battlefield 3 will require an Origin account even if you download the game from another service or buy the retail version. If you're going to need Origin anyway, I suppose you might as well get a free game out of the deal. Make up your mind soon, because the offer runs out at the end of the month.

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