Hard Reset videos offer peeks at gameplay, story

PC exclusives are hard to come by, so we've been paying particular attention to Hard Reset, a sci-fi shooter being developed by some of the folks who worked on Bulletstorm. The single-player game is due out next month, and thus far we've only seen a brief teaser. Today, we get a better taste of the game thanks to two new videos. The first comes courtesy of Rock, Paper, Shotgun and shows a full seven minutes of in-game footage, complete with commentary. Check it out:

Interestingly, the game appears to give the player only two guns. There are upgrades and different firing modes for each, though, and the energy weapon interacts with the environment.

The game world looks pretty good to me, and the narrative has promise. A second video posted at Joystiq steps out of the engine to provide a sense of the story.

The comic presentation reminds me a lot of Max Payne, but the theme is decidedly robots versus humanity. I'm cautiously optimistic overall and rather curious to see what the developers do when they don't have to worry about getting things running on the relatively ancient hardware that underpins the current generation of consoles.

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