Leaked slides detail 28-nm AMD 'Deccan' APU

Although most of the PC hardware industry seems to be on vacation right now, the rumor mill keeps churning away. Turkish site Donanim Haber has published yet another batch of official-looking AMD slides, this time detailing plans for upcoming "Wichita" and "Krishna" APUs. Due in 2012, the 28-nm chips will be a part of the "Deccan" platform. Interestingly, Deccan doesn't appear to include any other silicon—it looks like the chipset, or Fusion Controller Hub in AMD's parlance, will be brought into the APU.

According to the slide, Deccan's FCH will include Serial ATA and USB connectivity. The speed of the former isn't provided, but USB ports will be available in 2.0 and 3.0 flavors. Four PCI Express lanes provide a conduit for additional peripherals.

Deccan's CPU component will purportedly be based on the Bobcat cores found in existing Zacate and Ontario APUs. Each core will be 20% faster than what's found in Ontario, and up to four of 'em will take up residence on a single APU. Turbo Core is part of the equation, as well, and it looks like Deccan will balance the clock speeds of its CPU and GPU components based on the application load. Incidentally, that GPU component is claimed to be 25% faster than Ontario's IGP.

One of the slides mentions "lower TDPs targeted for new form-factors," suggesting Deccan derivatives could be aimed at tablets rather than netbooks and ultraportable notebooks. Another shows 8W and 20W Deccan parts, which puts the new APU slightly above and below the TDP ratings of Zacate and Ontario APUs, which are pegged at 18W and 9W, respectively.

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