Poll: Do you shut down, sleep, or hibernate?

For ages, I've been in the habit of never turning off my primary PC. It's a desktop, and old habits die hard. However, the more I use sleep and hibernate modes on my notebook, the more I contemplate doing the same with my desktop.

With that in mind, I've whipped up a new poll to see how TR readers deal with their dormant PCs. Do you typically let your primary system run all the time, or do you shut it down or drop into sleep or hibernate modes if the system will be sitting dormant? You can cast your vote below or on the front page.

In our last poll, we tackled the third dimension—specifically, whether you prefer games and movies in 2D or with stereoscopic 3D enhancement. The results are pretty clear. An overwhelming majority (77%) prefer their content in two dimensions. 9% want both games and movies in 3D, while another 9% are willing to don dorky glasses just for movies. Only 4% of voters desire a stereoscopic experience with movies but not with games.

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