Intel 320 Series SSD update squashes big, juicy bug

Well, that was quick. Just a few days after announcing that a firmware update for its 320 Series SSDs was in final validation testing, Intel has released it to the public. Firmware version 4PC10362 fixes the "Bad Context 13x" bug that reduced some drives to just 8MB of storage capacity. Although a secure erase will restore afflicted drives to their original size, there's no way to recover the data lost. In fact, folks who have been hit by the bug will have to wipe their drives before applying the new firmware.

The update is only available as an ISO, which must be burned to disc to flash the SSD. Finally, something to do with your optical drive!

As happy as I am to see this new firmware released so soon, you might want to hold off a day or two before applying it. Final validation testing was supposed to take up to two weeks as of this past Saturday. Let's the early release signals that the update breezed through testing without issue.

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