news build your own crysis with free crytek sdk

Build your own Crysis with free Crytek SDK

Think you can do a better job of arranging high-polygon concrete barriers than the folks at Crytek? Good news. The developer has released the CryEngine 3 SDK, which puts you at the helm of the same engine that powers Crysis 2.

The 659MB download is available free of charge at Some restrictions apply, however. While the SDK is free for non-commercial use, you’ll have to get a development license if you intend to make any money with games based on the engine. Crytek says it has "attractive options" for independent studios who would like to use the engine. It’s also encouraging educational institutions and students to take advantage of the SDK.

Crytek isn’t the only one making a full SDK available to the public, of course. Epic’s Unreal Development Kit has quite a following, and it’s set to spawn a number of interesting games, including Q.U.B.E. and Hawken. It’ll be interesting to see how games created using the CryEngine 3 SDK stack up.

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  1. I wish there was a way to see your global +/- statistics. I would wager that you are the most minus’ed poster on here.

  2. There are very few good Crysis mods, even fewer Unreal-based games have been modded. The most modded game in my opinion is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. variety is quite good too.

    ID promised to include mod tools in Rage, we will see how it goes.

    Unfortunately most people including myself are just too lazy to spend time figuring out how to take advantage of SDKs whether it is Crytek, Unreal or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Everyone expects some other guy to develop a mod so that they can play.

  3. I wanna tess a SINGLE tree to the point that if you were close enough to the tree to observe the detail, that tree alone would become its own meme.

  4. If pharmaceuticals were not my bread and butter, I’d turn “Waterworld” movie from 1995 into a game..

  5. I’m curious to see what modders do with this. I also wonder how hard it is to port content from cryengine 2 to cryengine 3. I mean if mech warriors living legends mod was on cry engine 3 how would that change things? Is cryengine 3 as “optimized” as advertisedd?

  6. Obviously everyone wants developers to make uber-PC games, but I think the lack of unified mobile development support puts the CryEngine 3 SDK at a disadvantage compared to UDK, especially for indie studios. DX11 support, a big PC focused feature, isn’t even included with the CryEngine 3 SDK yet, whereas I believe it has been made available in UDK.

  7. Im also interested in making a game which features a beautifully rendered ocean that will be completely covered up.

  8. i thought about it. i did some stuff with cryengine one, then thought again. WHAT A HORRIBLE IDEA!!!!