Next-gen Atom netbook platform delayed 'til November

Getting excited about the prospect of watching a Blu-Ray disc on a 10" screen at 1024x600 resolution? Well, why shouldn't you be? That's what Intel's upcoming Cedar Trail-M platform will presumably enable, if it honors the traditional limitations on netbook display resolutions.

Sadly, you may have to wait to experience such bliss, because DigiTimes reports today that Cedar Trail-M has been bumped from its previously scheduled September release schedule to November. The culprits? Two possibly related things: "graphics driver issues" and Win7 certification.

The reason that explanation is plausible is straightforward enough. Cedar Trail-M is expected to include a new DirectX 10.1-capable graphics core, which could be a big upgrade from Intel's current netbook IGP.

Although we've made light of it, the more notable addition may be Cedar Trail-M's built-in video decoding block, which will accelerate HD formats, including Blu-ray. If it works right, that little logic block should allow Atom-based netbooks to play web videos smoothly, at long last, much like AMD's Brazos APUs. Most netbooks may lack the display real-estate to convey the true glory of Blu-ray, but the platform's anticipated support for Intel Wireless Display may take some of the air out of our attempts at snark.

The new, 32-nm Cedarview CPU (err SoC, uhm APU?) will be the key to this new platform, and its dual Atom CPU cores will be familiar, even if the IGP and video plumbing have been refreshed. Cedarview should pair up with the current NM10 south bridge chip to form Cedar Trail-M.

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