Hacking TiVo and ReplayTV

This has been going on for some time but now the national news media is catching on. The Dallas Morning News has a story on the h4x0rs' new target:
Two products in particular have become popular with hackers lately: the ReplayTV and TiVo personal video recorders.

These VCR-like machines save and play back television programming using hard drives rather than videotape.

By adding a larger hard drive to a ReplayTV or TiVo, a hacker can double or even quadruple the number of shows that a PVR can record – a $250 drive can boost an older ReplayTV box's capacity from 20 hours to 80.

"I've got a 140-gig Replay, have it connected to my PC for control, programmed my own screens for the unit and just finished building an interface to connect it to my PC to update channel guide info over my cable modem," he [Sean Riddle] says.

The story includes helpful links to TiVo and ReplayTV FAQs.
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