Lemonade Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. IBM: The PC is the new mainframe - Network World
  2. VR-Zone: Intel Atom graphics troubles are DirectX-related
  3. PowerColor: Next-gen AMD GPUs in Q1 2012 - VR-Zone
  4. AT&T VP: iPhone 5 coming in early October,
    prepare to get 'really, really busy' - BGR
  5. WSJ reports Apple developing new iPad (launch in early 2012?)
  6. Computerworld: hp's PC spin-off puts pressure on Microsoft to nail Windows 8
  7. Epic Games Community: Gears of War 3 has gone gold
  8. PC Games: Valve targets cross-platform gaming
    as a goal for CS: Global Offensive (in German)

Lemonade Day

  1. X-bit labs: hp's business critical revenue drops amid uncertainties with Itanium and
    leading chip designers do not plan to reveal unknown chips at Hot Chips conference
  2. Computerworld reports hp's shift on PCs could boost rivals
  3. AnandTech opines on hp
  4. Thresh's FS alum John Callaham pens editorial:
    hp's downsizing and Microsoft's Windows
  5. EETimes: Could Intel buy TI's OMAP? [updated]
  6. Computerworld reports Anonymous breaches another U.S. defense contractor
  7. ITworld reports AES proved vulnerable by Microsoft researchers
  8. NSTIC director: 'We're trying to get rid of passwords' - Network World
  9. The Microsoft Surface blog: World meet Patty, Patty say "Hello World"
  10. Computerworld reports Google provides weather forecast on Maps
  11. Welcome to Magnifier (Music Beta by Google)
  12. Mashable: YouTube relaunches music page with deeper curation
  13. PCPer podcast #166
  14. Best study ever: Wasting time online boosts worker productivity - LA Times
Hardware news

  1. C|Net: Lenovo says 'mainstream' Ultrabooks coming
  2. VR-Zone: Details of Samsung's upcoming gaming notebook leaked?
    and cheaper Renesas USB 3.0 host controllers coming next year
    and Epson announces availability of five new LED printers
  3. Hexus.lifestyle reports Sony launches HD binocu-corders
  4. TC Magazine: Sennheiser rolls out the CXC 700 noise-cancelling
    headphones and Gelid debuts the GX-7 'gamer' CPU cooler
  5. Win a 1250W OCZ PSU from Kitguru
  6. Newegg: Save on college essentials

  1. InfoWorld: webOS developers mourn hp's move but aren't surprised
  2. PCWorld: After webOS, who's next to fail?
  3. 9to5Google: What if Google tries the Apple model with Motorola?
  4. Fudzilla reports Icera to make money (for Nvidia)
  5. X-bit labs: German court lifts ban from Samsung's Galaxy tablets in EU
  6. Droid Life: Droid Bionic hits Verizon MAP at $299 starting 9/8
  7. PCWorld reports Apple cracks down on alleged knockoff sales in NYC
  8. Krebs on Security: Beware of juice-jacking
  9. TechCrunch reports Apple sneaks a big change into
    iOS 5: Phasing out developer access to the UDID
  10. VR-Zone: Sony Ericsson announces availability of
    new content
    for Xperia Play at Gamescom 2011
  11. ITworld reports RIM planning a music service on BlackBerry
  12. Neowin reviews BlackBerry 9930

  1. PCWorld reports Windows 8 app store will change Windows software forever
  2. Network World reports Torvalds says, "Virtualization is evil"
  3. Infographic sums up Linux then and now
  4. Network World: Linux Foundation releases specification to ease licensing headaches
  5. ITworld: The biggest Linux FUD hits of all time?
  6. Unixmen's list of useful backup utilities for Linux
  7. New Firefox Beta with enhanced performance and new Firefox Aurora
    for Windows, Mac, Linux & Android is available for testing
  8. The EVGA SLI Enhancement patch version 42

  1. IDC finds the demise of game consoles is greatly exaggerated
  2. Neowin reports GameStop beta testing console game streaming service
  3. Eurogamer reports new Xbox 360 dash has Twist Control
  4. Xbox Euro boss: Next-gen Xbox 'could overlap' with 360's 10-year lifespan - Metro
  5. Shacknews: Battlefield 3 PC doesn't have in-game server browser
    and Dragon Age 3 to deliver 'marriage' of DAO and DA2
  6. Battleblog #7: Battlefield 3 introduces themed co-op campaign
  7. CVG: EA bringing back 'a couple' of old franchises, exec teases
  8. MCV reports OnLive looks to exclusive deals
  9. Call of Duty: Black Ops and Team Fortress 2 updates released on Steam
  10. Metro's BF3 Conquest and Team Deathmatch hands-on preview
  11. The Guild season 5, episode 04
Systems, storage, and networking

  1. Phoronix on AMD Llano compiler performance
  2. ProClockers review ASRock Fata1ty Z68 Professional Gen 3
  3. Futurelooks reviews Gigabyte GA-X58A-OC
  4. Guru3D reviews ECS A990FXM-A motherboard
  5. Tech-Reviews on 500GB Plextor external HDD
  6. Björn3D reviews 240GB Kingston HyperX SATA III SSD
  7. OC3D's 128GB Crucial M4 SSD review
  8. Madshrimps review Trendnet TEW-692GR dual-band wireless N router
Multimedia, power, and cases

  1. Legit Reviews and techPowerUp! review Asus Mars II 3GB
  2. OCC's Asus ENGTX580 DirectCU II review
  3. MissingRemote's first look: Hauppauge WinTV-DCR-2650 dual digital CableCard
  4. TWL's Bowers & Wilkins C5 in-ear monitor headphones review
  5. techPowerUp! reviews RedGiant A03 Ossicle in-ears
  6. TweakTown reviews Mionix Zibal 60 mechanical gaming keyboard
  7. PureOC reviews 1200W In Win Commander II PSU
  8. OCIA reviews Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 case
  9. Madshrimps review Corsair Carbide 400R case
  10. Benchmark Reviews on NZXT Source 210 Elite case
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