HP giving refunds to early TouchPad adopters

If you had the misfortune of grabbing an HP TouchPad recently, you might be feeling a tinge of buyer's remorse—what with webOS lying alongside HP's PC business on the chopping block. There is a silver lining, though. According to Liliputing, folks who bought a TouchPad before last week's announcement can ask for either a full refund or a partial one, which will cover the difference between the old price and the new, discounted price of $99.

Liliputing says HP is extending the offer to customers who bought their TouchPads from HP.com. Word is that HP has also sent a memo to its retail partners asking them to offer similar refunds—that means Best Buy, Staples, and others, the site says. The details are sketchy at the moment, but TouchPad owners are advised to call support hotlines later this week and ask for their money back.

Getting a full refund (or receiving a $300 or $400 rebate check) ought to soften the blow, and it seems only fair, since HP's decision to kill webOS came pretty much out of the blue. After all, the firm acquired Palm barely over a year ago, and the TouchPad was only announced in February. HP's decision might make sense from a business perspective, but consumers shouldn't be punished for expecting a company like HP to stand behind a product mere months old.

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