Memory prices continue to inch downward

There's no reprieve in sight for memory makers, by the looks of it. Earlier this morning, DigiTimes reported that spot prices for some 2Gb DDR3 memory chips have slipped to as little as 71 cents. Research firm inSpectrum blames the drop on weak demand in the PC market, which has purportedly caused some brokers to "dump their DDR3 to the spot market," making prices slip further.

In another news story also posted this morning, DigiTimes adds that its sources don't expect the downward trend in pricing to reverse "in the foreseeable future." Large manufacturers of memory chips are trying to weather the storm in various ways, but the story doesn't say anything about curbing supply to drive prices back up:

Industry leader Samsung Electronics has been accelerating its shift to 20nm-class process technology to drive down production costs and mitigate ongoing problems in the DRAM industry, the sources indicated.

Other fellow DRAM companies continue to pursue the latest technological advances, and are diversifying their product lines as lowering operating costs and improving production efficiencies is now a must, the sources said.

Meanwhile, at Newegg, 4GB Corsair DDR3-1333 desktop modules are selling for $22.99 with free shipping, and the cheapest 8GB dual-channel kits sell for just over 40 bucks. That's pretty much what one could expect to pay for a 4GB kit back in June, when we published our Summer 2011 system guide.

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