Battlefield 3 ditches in-game server browser

Man, I don't know what to make of Battlefield 3. For every trailer and gameplay video that makes me drool, I learn something about the game that makes my skin crawl. The latest knock against the upcoming blockbuster is its multiplayer server browser, which will be separate from the game. To change servers, you'll actually have to exit Battlefield 3 and use the separate Battlelog browser to find a new game.

DICE's senior multiplayer designer, Alan Kertz, attempted to soften the blow by insisting that Battlefield 3 "starts up really fast." Nice try, but I kind of doubt the game loads faster than not having to exit and reload at all. To add insult to injury, console versions of Battlefield 3 will have integrated server browsers. Only PC users are getting the shaft.

The unofficial Battlefield 3 Blog has a good summary of everything else that was revealed about the title at the GamesCom exhibition last week. Based on everything I've seen, Battlefield 3 looks like it'll have great graphics and gameplay. Whether those elements will be good enough to forgive the game's other sins remains very much in question, however.

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