New Logitech gaming mouse plays nicely with either hand

The world of PC gaming mice can be, well, a little discriminatory. Most rodents are shaped with right-handed users in mind, leaving few options for wrong-handed lefties. Logitech has a history of providing symmetrical designs that work with either hand, and the company has launched a new one with the Gaming Mouse G300.

With compact dimensions and a weight of just 111 grams (including the cable), the G300 favors folks with smaller hands. A 2,500-DPI optical sensor is charged with tracking, and the mouse's polling rate can be set between 125 and 1,000 Hz. There are nine programmable buttons, as well.

Like most gaming mice, the G300 supports multiple profiles that can be toggled on the fly. The profiles contain button programming information in addition to DPI and polling settings, and up to three of 'em can be stored in the mouse's internal memory. Having that data housed in the mouse allows profiles to be used on multiple systems without having to bring any software in tow.

Although it's not in stock yet, Amazon already has the G300 listed for $40. According to the retailer, the mouse will ship in 2-4 weeks. If you want to learn more about the G300, check out Logitech's official blog post.

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