JPR: Nvidia still leads in discrete GPU shipments

Those graphics market share numbers we looked at earlier this month are informative, but they paint a somewhat fuzzy picture by melding data for integrated and discrete graphics. What does the market for discrete graphics alone look like? Jon Peddie Research has just released a second batch of numbers that answers that very question.

Vendor Q2 2010 Q1 2011 Q2 2011
AMD 41.4% 40.5% 40.6%
Nvidia 57.9% 59.1% 59.0%
Others 0.7% 0.4% 0.4%

By the look of it, Nvidia still has a sizable lead over AMD—and that lead has increased compared to last year. Sequentially, though, AMD managed to snatch a tenth of a percentage point away from Nvidia, leaving it with 40.6% of the market for discrete graphics processors.

Jon Peddie Research's report also suggests the discrete GPU market as a whole is shrinking. Discrete graphics shipments slipped from 19.01 million units in the first quarter to 16.1 million in the second, and JPR expects total revenue from discrete graphics to be 33% lower this year than the last. JPR blames increasingly speedy integrated graphics, specifically those built into AMD's and Intel's latest CPUs, for the shift.

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