Windows 8 to spruce up Explorer file management

In Monday's preview of USB 3.0 support in Windows 8, Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky hinted that we'd soon get a glimpse of the upcoming operating system's revamped file copy interface. Well, Sinofsky delivered on that promise yesterday evening. Check it out:

I'm impressed with the transfer speed progress bar in the expanded view. The ability to pause and resume transfers is a nice touch, too. Too bad Microsoft isn't working on on improving Windows' notoriously unreliable transfer completion estimates. Sinofsky explains, "Estimating the time remaining to complete a copy is nearly impossible to do with any precision because there are many unpredictable and uncontrollable variables involved . . . Rather than invest a lot of time coming up with a low confidence estimate that would be only slightly improved over the current one, we focused on presenting the information we were confident about in a useful and compelling way. "

Is it me, or is Windows 8's classic interface shaping up to be more friendly to us geeks and power users? I suppose Microsoft might be betting that novice users will just stick with the simplified tile UI, which gives the classic UI (which will lurk behind the scenes) license to geek out.

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